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UPC: 717760777027

One pound of cold process soap that consist of the odds and ends from Sweet Olive Soap Works.

The LAGNIAPPE SOAP SAMPLER contains approximately 10 mini soaps that are packaged in a clear pastry bag and dressed up with a bow. Not only are these small soaps a perfect way to sample the collection, but they make a great gift for the busy traveller who would like to bring a piece of Louisiana along on the journey.

It's a random pick, so please consider any known skin allergies you may have before making this purchase. Individual soaps are not labeled.

Blended with luxurious vegetable oils, Sweet Olive Soap Works combines local culture with the very best of Louisiana grown and skin-loving ingredients to pamper and excite your skin. Every batch of olive oil based soap is handmade using the cold process method and then cured for one month because quality takes time to reach perfection.

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