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Emily Manger was born at Charity Hospital in the aftermath of the great flood of ’78 and was brought home in a canoe on the still-flooded streets of New Orleans. Her first sentence was “Throw me sumpthin’, Mista!” and by the age of five, she had so mastered the skill of pinchin’ da tails and suckin’ da heads that her parents proclaimed her “Crawfish Queen of the Universe,” a title she holds to this day.

Amidst holidays, festivals and costume changes, Emily managed to obtain a decent education and despite all that learning, she is determined to make soap the hard way.

Sweet Olive Soap Works was created out of Emily’s intense desire to promote the healthier aspects of the region and the culture she loves. Her Grandma Anna Mae was a soapmaker who owned her own business and dedicated countless summer afternoons to sharing her skills with little Emily.

Feeling ambitious, Emily followed in her grandmother’s line of business by spending two decades experimenting with various recipes and inventing her own along the way. She became convinced that continuing the family tradition was her calling, and in the fall of 2007, the Soap Works was born.


Applying the basic techniques that Grandma Anna Mae passed down, Emily continues to handcraft each batch of cold process soap from scratch, using gourmet recipes that have been formulated to naturally nourish and moisturize your skin.

Whenever possible, ingredients are locally-sourced. Emily is proud to work in partnership with environmentally responsible businesses and individuals throughout the state of Louisiana to bring you a truly home-grown bath & body experience.

When you purchase products from Sweet Olive Soap Works, you know that you are supporting people and resources that help make our region great.​

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