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Black Magic Body Polish is a bewitching home-spa therapy that brings out the radiance in your skin.


Dead sea salts and activated charcoal clean and exfoliate to reveal younger skin while thoroughly cleansing your pores of toxins which allows your skin to breathe easier and stimulates circulation. The luxurious combination of vegetable oils, butters and jojoba beads leaves your body astonishingly soft & moisturized while providing minerals, vitamins and proteins essential for healthy skin.


The enchanting fragrance blend of French vanilla and lavender promotes tranquility and relieves stress by soothing mind, body and spirit.


Each jar contains 9 addictive ounces of body polish for 9 or more spa-treatments.


Directions: For smooth and glowing skin, scoop a small amount of body polish into palm and massage into damp skin. Rinse off with warm water.

Black Magic Body Polish

SKU: 10035
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