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Black Magic Dead Sea Salt is blended with the enchanting fragrances of French vanilla and lavender essential oils that promote tranquility and relieves stress by soothing mind, body and spirit.


Relax and restore yourself in a warm soak of salt harvested from The Dead Sea which is known the world over as one of nature’s best therapeutic resources. Because Dead Sea Salt draws out impurities and offers an incredible bounty of minerals that contribute to the overall health of your skin, it has been credited as greatly effective in curing a large variety of skin issues as well as providing relief from stress and muscles aches.


Each bag weighs 16 ounces and contains enough bath salts for four baths.


How to use bath salts: Dissolve three handfuls or desired amount in warm running bathwater. Relax & restore.

Black Magic Dead Sea Salts

SKU: 10023
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