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With a reputation like a black stain complimented by the unsavory characters held under his command, Jean Lafitte is forever honored as the pirate hero of New Orleans.


Just for men, Lafitte 1815 Gentlemen’s Cocoa Butter Soap is scented with spiced bay rum, the quintessential fragrance of seafaring pirates. Activated charcoal gives this soap its black hue, which draws toxins from the skin in a rich lather of manly cocoa butter and bubbles.


Lafitte 1815 handmade soap makes a great gift for men – guys love the pirate themed packaging and women love the way their man smells after bathing in it!




Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance Oil, Cocoa Butter, Activated Charcoal. 4 oz.

Lafitte 1815 Gentlemen’s Cocoa Butter Soap

SKU: 10010
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